About Us

Welcome to TCS Automotive, where all your performance dreams are able to be made come true.  From our humble start in 2003 out of a small 400 sq foot shop, we were able to hit the ground running and running hard.  Moving forward a few years, we opened our first parts facility in 2006.  This time it was 3,000sq foot, and we quickly learned we needed something larger.  We then moved into a better piece of commercial property nestled between 3 large parts stores in 2008.  We out grew that facility shortly after, and doubled the buildings size.  Somewhere between 2010-2011 we decided that we needed to look 5+ years down the road with a building and were able to secure our current facility.  With 12,000sq foot of shop space, 3,200 sq foot of office/ showroom/ engine clean room space we have grown to one of North Carolina's largest Performance Parts/ Sales/ Fabrication/ Tuning Shops.  In this day and age you see so many come and go, so we have made it our life goal to be a landmark in the Performance Industry here in North Carolina not just in the past but in the future as well.

If your ever in the area and would like to tour our facility, please don't hesitate to stop in and be greeted by our experienced staff who will take you on a guided tour.  Since our history has been in parts and the sales of them, we have a dedicated inventory of 300+ Brands, with over $500,000 in actual inventory at our facility at all times.  Import parts, Domestic parts, European parts, we do them all here.  That's right, not your typical shop!  Our bays are filled with everything from the simple engine swap customers, to wiring and diagnostic all the way to full on fabrication of parts.  So next time your needing anything for your vehicle, give us a call or drop by.  We are always able to meet or beat any prices, and YES we are cheaper than eBay!


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