Mishimoto Honda Civic EG W/K-Swap Performance Aluminum Radiator, 1992-1995

Mishimoto is proud to release a brand new radiator for EG chassis Civics with K-Series engine swaps. Our half size radiator is designed specifically for your swapped vehicle with high performance driving in mind. This radiator is a direct drop in unit that does not require any trimming, drilling or mount alterations. The Mishimoto radiator will simplify a cooling solution for your K-swap and includes ports for the fan switch and coolant temperature sensor. This radiator, paired with our K-Series Swap Silicone Radiator Hose Kit, is the perfect cooling solution for your boosted or N/A K-Swap. This radiator includes a Mishimoto 1.3 Bar High-Pressure Radiator Cap. Mishimoto Part Number: MMRAD-K20-EG


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