Supertech Racing Flat Nitride Valves RSX DC5 TSX Civic K20A2 K20A3 K20Z1 K24A



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Supertech valves are made in various materials including Stainless Steel alloys, Nimonic, Inconel, Stellite Titanium, etc. There are different alloys, heat treatments and coatings used for different applications and they are continuously researching and testing new materials and applications. For intake valves Supertech primarily uses enhanced versions for EV8 (21-4n) and for exhaust valves they mostly use EV16 (21-8N) or EV8-Nb/w for greater strength at higher temperatures. Some applications call for Supertech to harden certain areas such as the tips and or the seats, because of this they often times weld other hard metal alloys for increase durability. Black Nitride Coating is a hardening treatment that even though it is not as widely used as the chrome plating, it has several benefits and has become more popular for use in the European and Japanese applications. Part #: HEVN-1020F / HIVN-1020F Intake Valve Specs

  • Head Dia 35.00mm
  • Stem Dia 5.48mm
  • Length 108.85mm
  • Exhaust Valve Specs
  • Head Dia 30.00mm
  • Stem Dia 5.45mm
  • Length 108.65mm
  • Applications:
  • Acura RSX & Type S DC5
  • 02+ Honda Civic Si EP3
  • K20, K20a, K20a2, K20a3, K20z, K20z1