Supertech Valves Dish Nitride Coated Intake, Inconel Exhaust (Turbo) B16a B18c B Series Vtec



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Supertech Valve Set for Honda/Acura B series Vtec Engines (Turbo) Includes: Complete set of (16) valves / (8) Nitride Coated Intake & 8 Inconel Exhaust (high heat) Part #: HEVI-1000 x 8 (Exhaust) Head Diameter: 28.00mm (STD) Dish Length: 102.50mm Material: Inconel Stem Diameter: 5.45mm Part #: HIVN-1000 x 8 (Intake) Head Diameter: 33.00mm (STD) Dish Length: 102.50mm Material: Black Nitrated Stem Diameter: 5.48mm