Red Line Oil 90226 Red Line Motorcycle - Power Pack Engine Oil

Red Line Big Twin 20W50 PowerPack Part # 90226

Simply put the most complete kit for your Evolution and Twin Cam Engine on the market.  Dont take a chance with competitors claiming to have these instock and then you get stuck waiting weeks and weeks.  We here at TCS keep the largest inventory of Red Line on the East Coast.  We ship twice a day and we offer prices that Amazon or Ebay cant even touch.  Buy direct and save.  You will not find a better price or faster shipping time!

 **This item does have a flat $5 shipping fee on it to any Continental US address.  Total shipped to your door is $98.99. **

  • Complete kit for motorcycles equipped with Evolution and Twin-Cam engines
  • Includes 5 quarts of 20W50 Motorcycle Oil, 1 quart of V-Twin Transmission Oil with ShockProof, 1 quart of Primary Chain Case Oil, 1 bottle of Fuel Injection Cleaner for Motorcycles, a sticker kit, a Red Line Oil embroidered hat and a versatile funnel
  • Each kit has been tested for compatibility and includes enough fluid for a complete oil change
  • Users must check vehicle specifications for capacity to ensure against overfilling, as full quarts may provide more product than necessary

Full-synthetic with PAO and Ester base stocks and 2200 ppm of ZDDP for antiwear



Complete kit for motorcycles equipped with Evolution and twin-cam engines

Includes 5 quarts of 20w50 motorcycle oil, 1 Quart of V-Twin transmission oil with shockproof,

1 Quart of primary chain case oil, 1 bottle of fuel injection cleaner for motorcycles, a Sticker kit, a Red Line oil embroidered hat, and a versatile funnel


Product Classification:Automotive
Product Group:Automotive Parts and Accessories
Size:Complete Kit
Date Released:March 15th, 2017
Weight:15.5 pounds
Dimensions:16.5 inches x 8.5 inches x 9.5 inches
Model Part Number:90226
EAN(s):0083522902267, 0172303062273, 0182682082168
UPC(s):0083522902267, 0172303062273, 0182682082168


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